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Taking on an electrical project can simply involve changing your batteries or something a little more complex, like installing new doorbells or taking on a wiring project.  No matter what type of electrical project you have, Renco Ace Hardware can help you with the right electric products and advice to get the job done right.

From changing a light bulb to hooking up an energy sustaining generator, Renco Ace Hardware has the electrical supplies you need.

Electrical Supplies:
- Batteries
- CFL Bulbs
- Circuit Breakers
- Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings
- Electrical Tape, Tool & Testers
- Extension Cords
- Flashlights
- Fuses
- Generators
- Lamp Repair
- Light Bulbs
- Lighting
- Plugs & Connectors
- Power Strips
- Switches, Dimmers & Receptacles
- Wall Plates
- Wire, Connectors & Fasteners

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