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Swing Kingdom

Swing Kingdom designs and builds the strongest vinyl swing sets for kids on the market.  As the largest vinyl playset manufacturer in the United States, we have a proven reputation of premium craftsmanship and service.  Find your perfect swing set today and let the fun begin!

Playset Innovation

Swing Kingdom is focused on creating innovative design and using long lasting environmentally safe materials to build a kids favorite place to play outside. Our play sets for children are custom built to be safe, fun and secure.

Value & Quality

Our goal is to always be innovative, manufacturing high quality swing sets of high standards for our customers. Our playsets and swing sets cater for just nearly any budget, with flexible designs to fit most backyards. Swing Kingdom also has the widest range of vinyl swings, slides, and accessories for kids of ALL ages.

Flexibility and Accessories

Swing Kingdom designs and creates high quality customizable swing sets, playsets and playhouses for children all around the United States. There are so many creative and fun ways to add more value to your children’s playsets, it’s time to get swinging!

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