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The oldest paint
and varnish makers in America
Since 1816

OLD VILLAGE PAINTS capture the charm and character of Colonial, Federal and Victorian periods. Perfect for furniture, walls, decorative accents, interior and exterior woodwork. Easy to use. Soft-sheen velvety finish. Old Village Paints are available in your choice of latex, oil-base, buttermilk formulations or paste stains. The Old Village Colour Craftsmen are honored with the opportunity to make paint for many of America’s most distinguished institutions. Old Village Paints offer to the architect, decorator, and home owner a series of authentic colors representative of those used in colonial America. They are formulated for use either inside or outside, over a great variety of substrates. Hiding level, durability, and application properties of Old Village Paints are of the highest order.

Cabinet Makers
Salem Brick
Antique Yellow
Philadelphia Brownstone
Tea Caddy Green
Rittenhouse Red
Cupboard Blue
Yorktown Green
Steeple White
Soldier Blue
Rittenhouse Blue
Forest Green
Navy Blue
Windsor Green
New England Red
Village Tavern Blue
Valley Forge Mustard
British Red
Heritage Blue
Loyalist Green
Wild Bayberry
Antique Sage Green
Colonial White
Rittenhouse Green
Lamplighter Yellow
Plantation Red
Antique Pewter
Rittenhouse Ivory
Colonial Green
Society Hill Blue
Hunter Green
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